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Andre is playing in Maastricht for most of the month of July! Every year sees more and more people travelling to this beautiful Dutch city to see the Maestro play in his hometown and he has had to add extra dates.


To find out dates and how to get concert seats for Andre Rieu in Maastricht, use this page. There are also Hotel and VIP packages available for the concert. You need to book well in advance! Tickets sell out quickly and then don’t forget you need accommodation! Hotels are packed in July in Maastricht all because of our Maastricht Maestro!

Maastricht 2022 dates
2022 dates Vrijtjof, Maastricht

Be careful where you buy your tickets. Make sure you are buying from a trusted and reputable outlet. People have been scammed into paying way above the market price for tickets or even paying for counterfeit tickets which are not valid for entry.

To buy authentic tickets, I recommend his official website:
Click here to access Andre’s official site to check availability

On the calendar, go to the date you are interested in and follow the links from there.

The ticket prices are based on which section you are seated for the concert. Here’s a map of the seating sections.

Seating plan Maastricht 2022
Seating plan Maastricht 2022


He also has Vrijthof packages available on his website. There are hotel packages and VIP packages – click the image below for more details.

VIP packages

There are three VIP packages – there is a package with a visit to his castle (who knows… he might be hiding behind some door heheheee…), a tour of his music studio or a tour of the backstage concert venue. Well I know which one I’d pick if I hadn’t so many bills to pay this year!

Click below to watch a bit of the opening excitement of the Maastricht concert to get you in the mood!

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